Chor Boogie: The Re-Up

Originally published on Visionary Artistry Mag with photos here: 

He touched down in Atlanta last month to join a group of artists for the Heineken Mural Projects. Va Mag witnessed him spray-painting live during Flux night, a one-day art celebration in the city’s historic Castleberry Art’s District. Now, just a few weeks later he’s taking over San Francisco by unveiling new pieces for art lovers to enjoy. Chor Boogie’s product is always potent and in high demand. He has art events on tap well up into next year but the muralist makes sure his followers are taken care of by keeping them well-stocked with new vibrant, eye-popping material. If you want to get technical he has 64,000 followers on Instagram alone and another 2,880 on Instagram.

We caught him at Project One Walls art gallery on the west coast, he was there one Friday evening unveiling new material and showing the public what this thing called art is all about.

Originally from Oceanside, Calif., Chor Boogie came to live in San Francisco in 2007. Ever since then, his murals have been popping up all over the city. It didn’t stop there and now Chor Boogie has become an internationally known name. It’s only right that Chor decided to present San Francisco with some new works and a performance of him creating live for the audience. Project One Gallery hosted the Bay Area talent to assist the muralist in showing off his skills.

What I have for Project One is a mixture of my styles into one. Some realism with the layers of tagging over tagging that formulates where the mind takes it… Purgatory style with some street romantic voodoo along with a bit of modern hieroglyphics and a token Boogie bird,” Chor Boogie explained to Visionary Artistry Mag.

That mad mix of colors and themes is what Chor Boogie has made his own. Looking around San Francisco, it’s easy to see which works of art are Chor Boogie originals – especially that Boogie bird. The bulbous, colorful bird with the suspicious eyes is the prime example for the artist’s aesthetic. Mixing complementing colors into a recognizable shape is a very classic Chor Boogie piece. It combines the freedom and creativity of blending colors with the very specifically shaped line work. It reflects what inspires the artist – which is a little bit of everything.

“A combination of things. Music, the act of creating within the craft itself, originality and just [the] plain love for the sport,” he explains.

So, that is what Chor Boogie showcased in San Francisco. However, the audience got to witness the magic happen this time. The artist presented his work for Project One Gallery and began creating some pieces live for the audience at the beginning of the show. This approach differs from sitting in a private room alone, but Chor Boogie explained that one isn’t necessarily better than the other. He’s going to make the best art possible regardless of the setting.

“The only difference is you have an audience that you can inspire or teach visually, but painting by yourself puts you in a deeper seclusion with yourself and your talent and your creation that can take you deeper than just trying to appease the audience. But no matter what, as a creative I’m going to create something that’s [going to be] amazing no matter where I’m at,” Chor Boogie told VA Mag.

What’s cool about having an artist perform a piece of art is that it’s encouraging the combination of private and public. Artists like Chor Boogie are taking an artform like painting and turning it into performance art. An audience gets to see the process and watch until the final stroke is made. During this time, the audience is part of the piece. The audience is included in the process and this makes what was once private a new, inclusive event for everyone. Every brush stroke is watched and every possible mistake that can be made is under public scrutiny, the pressure is on and Chor Boogie rose and soared over the expectations with no problem. Next he’s on his way to NYC, then he’s heading back south in  December to Miami Beach to provide the same satisfaction to the attendees of the Art Basel. Last year more than 50,000 international visitors attended the show, after taking one look at Chor Boogie’s work it’s obvious why. He’s a master of color and line work. Now, he’s reaching international status.

-Geneva Toddy


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