Buzzworthy Satisfaction

Originally published on Arouse Magazine: Whenever I would get sick as a teenager, my mom would come home from the drugstore with supplies: medicine, ginger ale, some kind of cracker-type snack and magazines. Since she read Elle, she would usually get me Elle Girl. I never thought much of it until I turned 18. That’s when she… Continue reading Buzzworthy Satisfaction


Sex Positivity Doesn’t Mean You Want Sex

Originally published on Arouse Magazine: The sex positivity movement has roots in feminism with women taking power over and being shameless surrounding our sexuality. This isn’t an all-inclusive approach, but there’s room for all voices in the sex positive movement – there has to be. One of the common misconceptions is that you have to brag… Continue reading Sex Positivity Doesn’t Mean You Want Sex

Intersectional Body Positivity

Originally published on Arouse Magazine: Recently, Emma Watson addressed her shortcomings as a white feminist, leaving many white feminists wondering: what is white feminism? Including myself. I don’t pretend to be an activist. Most of the time I find Issues to be far more complex than saying, yes, that’s good or no, that’s bad [insert Only… Continue reading Intersectional Body Positivity

Resolve To…

Originally published on Arouse Magazine: New Year’s resolutions are hit or miss. We either aim low at something we know we can achieve while missing the opportunity to grow, or we set ourselves up for failure with ridiculous expectations. Still, every year the resolutions fill headlines – how to keep resolutions fills headlines – and by… Continue reading Resolve To…

Practicing Body Positivity

Originally published on Arouse Magazine: In 2016, we started feeling better about our bodies. Now in 2017, we’re seeing more body positivity and inclusivity in fashion and lifestyle industries. That didn’t happen over night. Just a few years ago in 2014, we were feeling pretty crappy about ourselves. It took a lot of work and pushing. There was… Continue reading Practicing Body Positivity

Star Wars Made Me A Better Woman

Orginally published on Arouse Magazine: I miss Carrie Fisher was the first thought I had after seeing “The Last Jedi.” Fisher, for good reason, has become a feminist icon, a voice of reason in a world gone mad. Now she’s gone. And I so desperately wish to believe in the Force; that no one is ever… Continue reading Star Wars Made Me A Better Woman